Cyanine7.5 NHS ester, 5 mg

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Cyanine7.5 NHS ester, 5 mg, 订购货号:26020。公司名称:北京华泰昕生物医疗技术有限公司,电话:010-83131025,,邮箱。Lumiprobe美国官网链接:

Cyanine7.5 is a NIR dye with very long-wave emission. This product is amine-reactive derivative of this fluorophore.

Near infrared radiation readily penetrates tissues and can be used for imaging applications in vivo.

This product can be used for the labeling of various biomolecules containing amine groups, such as proteins and peptides, to track their distribution in organism in vivo by NIR imaging.

Increased rigidity of central polymethyne moiety allows to increase quantum yield by 20% compared to parent structure of Cy7.5® NHS.

运输温度 RT(室温)
用途 RUO(仅供科研)
运输温度 RT(室温)
用途 RUO(仅供科研)

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